Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Continuing in the tradition of providing info for the investigator, I have begun the following new blog.

NY Private Eye Squad Room

Follow it at: 


In my spare time I will try to continue to post new items of interest to the NY Polce detective on this current site, The Squad Room.

The Squad Room will find stories pertaining to the history of the department, and the detective. But as I have moved from the department to the private sector, so too should my writing.

 After all, who wants to read some "old-timer" talking about detective work?

Heck, even the department I served for 30 years took no time in removing me from the teaching faculty at the Criminal Investigations Course once I retired! Out with old, in with the new.

Check out the new site when you get a chance. I will try my best to keep writing in the same form as I've done on this site for over 12 years!!

And of course you can continue to contact me at:

 And if you have material to help me in putting together a column, please, by all men's, send it along! Stay safe and stay in touch!