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The person recognized as the "Father of Detectives: is Thomas Byrnes. In 1878 he was a Captain of a local precinct when the Manhattan Savings Bank at Bleeker/Broadway was robbed. As a result of this crime, and several other notorious incidents, Thomas Byrnes was promoted to Inspector and placed in charge of a newly formed Detective Bureau. Up to that point there was merely a small group of "detectives" working out of HQ. The job of Detective was essentially the same as a patrolman, and there was no prestige in it; it was considered a secondary police function.
Byrnes shaped the Detective Bureau and detective work in general. His template for detective work is the basis for every modern police department's detectives. Byrnes believed that the way detectives should catch criminals is through intelligence - from criminals and informants - and under Byrnes intelligence gathering became an organized enterprise. He started using photographs in this process, and established the "Rogues Gallery", ensuring that suspects and those arrested were photographed.
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Some Historical Timelines

1845: 1st Full Time Police Force established in NYC (Brooklyn is a separate city)
1873: Detectives formed under a small Central Bureau to curb corruption
1880: Thomas Byrnes promoted to Inspector and placed in charge of the new Detective Bureau
1898: Police Forces in New York consolidated to form the current NYPD

The Criminal Vernacular

Yeggs : (1880) Originated from the name of a famous safecracker. Usually referred to burglars, but sometimes interchanged with robbers as well.

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